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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

First Parish Church's Sunday School program is for students ages 4 through those in grade 5.  A Nursery is provided weekly for younger children and a Youth Program is available for students from grades 6-12. Children gather weekly for religious instruction after first  attending the beginning ofthe Sunday church service.  Most recently our program is based on Godly Play and Spirit Play integrating the two denominations that our federated church represents (The United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalists). Students may participate in singing, storytelling, discussion, art or games on a given week . Opportunities are provided for intergenerational activities, and various mission projects. Children of all ages are able to be actively part of the First Parish community in a variety of ways throughout the year. 

Youth Group
First Parish church has an active Youth Group involved in preparing food for Worcester Fellowship attendees (an outdoor church ministering to the homeless), Family Promise (a family based shelter program), Taste of Berlin (a fundraiser for the Berlin Family Food Pantry) and many other programs as they present themselves. We discuss moral and ethical issues on a weekly basis.

In 2016, the Youth Group sponsored a 3rd grade class in North Carolina and went on a Mission Trip to their school, Diggs Latham, over April vacation.

Youth Group ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - View Here

Youth Group 2014 End of Year Video - View Here