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Rev. Frieda Gillespie
Our interim minister
A few words from Reverend Gillespie:

Having had the privilege of being the Interim Minister at First Parish for a year now, I have enjoyed many things about this congregation: 
  • They are warm and welcoming.
  • They are devoted to the church and the work they do for the community of Berlin and beyond.
  • They have several events which have given me the pleasure of getting to know them such as Pizza Night, the Plant and Bake Sale and the Fall Fair.
  • They are thoughtful and serious about their worship. I have made some changes and they've been open to them.
  • They have a very vibrant music ministry for worship services and have engaged with other local churches to share their choir.

  • There are many talented musicians in the congregation.
  • They love the children of the church and are working to expand the Religious Education program.
  • They have a deep caring for each other and offer assistance during times of illness or loss.
  • They are eager to have a new settled minister
I look forward to another few months with them and to seeing their search efforts come to fruition.

Rev. Frieda Gillespie
Interim Minister 

"I have found my best calling as an Interim Minister and am working towards full accreditation by the Interim Ministers’ Network."
Rev. Frieda Gillespie