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  1. First Parish Church
    24 Central Street, Berlin, MA 01503
    First Parish Church operates through a network of many active teams. To learn more about each team, read below or contact any member of a team. Church Council: Deacons: Trustees: Leadership Development: The Leadership Development Team prepares nominations for officers and committees to be presented at the Annual Meeting. The team works with the Church Council and others for suggestions of people to help in the work of the church by matching skills and interest with teams. Pastoral Relations: This team works to maintain a harmonious working relations between the people of the Church and the Minister, preventing conflicts and maintaining confidentiality. Contact Memorial: This team administers the First Parish Memorial Fund and all its monies received as memorials and testimonials, ensuring money is used per the giver's wishes and the spiritual welfare of the Church. Contact: Historical: The Historical Team advises other teams on matters concerning the historical features of the church buildings and their furnishings in the interest of maintaining the history of the Church through articles, displays and special services and programs. Contact Religious Education: The RE team establishes policies for the Sunday School, Youth Group, Vacation Bible School and other educational programs within the Church. It appoints the RE Director with the approval of the Council and supports the Director in job description and contract. Contact Property: This team performs all duties pertaining to the care of the property including employing janitors and arranging for repairs and property expenditures. Contact Outreach: The Outreach Team provides opportunities to reach beyond the walls of First Parish Church and make the world a better place. Working with both UCC and UUA projects, as well as programs important to individual members of First Parish, the outreach team raises awareness, distributes existing funds and hosts fundraisers. Contact Stewardship: Music: The Music Committee hires the choir director and organist, recommending the music budget and arranging for care of the instruments. Contact


The old wood, that old wood smell ... makes me feel connected to the
past. It reminds me that people have given of themselves to keep this
place structurally and spiritually alive for 225 years.
The history of First Parish Church, its congregation, and its structure is long and varied. For a complete view of its history, including past ministries, download the History of FPC.